Which comes first: the smile, or the feeling of happiness? Many people believe that a smile is a result of feeling happy, when in fact, the act of smiling can actually bring about happiness. A research study in England found that smiling produces endorphins that would be similar to winning a large sum of money. If you are feeling blue this fall, your Houston, TX dentist, Dr. Deborah Gennero, offers you five suggestions of activities that should make you feel like smiling more.

Five Ways to Feel Happy

  1. Keep a journal – You’re reading a blog right now, but you can write one, too. Having an outlet to write your thoughts and share them with the masses through the internet can bring about happiness. When you receive positive and affirming comments on your blog, you’re likely to feel even happier.
  2. Make sure you’re getting vitamin D – Serotonin is a hormone that makes you feel good, but when you don’t get enough sun, your levels can be low, and bring on a feeling of sadness. Ever hear of the winter blues? People that live in parts of the world that don’t see a lot of sunshine in colder months should be sure to take a daily vitamin D supplement to keep that smile on their faces.
  3. Schedule a dentist appointment – Have you ever walked out of the dentist’s office feeling like a new person? Other doctor’s appointments can have the same affect. Whether you’re due for a checkup, a dermatology procedure you’ve been putting off, or a physical with your general physician, overall health maintenance and preventive measures can put a happy spring in your step.
  4. Have a dance party – Think you’d feel foolish if you got caught dancing around your living room? Well, that might be, but according to Alice Domar, PhD, director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health in Waltham, Massachusetts, music activates pleasure centers in your brain, and movement releases mood elevating endorphins.
  5. Just go for it and fix your smile – If issues with your teeth make you feel embarrassed to smile, and you’ve always wanted to opt for cosmetic dentistry, maybe it’s time to make that appointment. A cosmetic dentist has the ability to do a complete smile makeover, using procedures like dental bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and tooth colored fillings and crowns to create a look you’ll want to grin about.

Cosmetic Procedures from Houston, TX Dentist

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