shutterstock_114393424-300x200As fall progresses, the delicious foods and spices of the season make their way onto our tables and into our lattes. Just in case you thought pumpkins’ only purpose was to be carved and discarded after Halloween, your Houston dentist has compiled a list of the top ingredients that make the pumpkin an incredibly healthy choice for both your oral health, and your overall health.

What’s in a Pumpkin?

Before you stick a candle in your jack-o-lantern, take a look at the amazing bundle of vitamins and minerals this little orange gourd contains:

Zinc – Zinc contributes greatly to strong bones and teeth, and can help ward off osteoporosis. Recent studies have also found evidence that zinc supplementation in children can help ward off dental cavities by lowering the formation of plaque on teeth. Zinc is also known to help remove volatile sulfur compounds, the primary causes of bad breath.

Anti-Inflammatory Agents– Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil have been found to contain many anti-inflammatory benefits. This is good news for arthritis sufferers, and those fighting off swelling caused by gum disease. 

Potassium – Potassium can help fight hypertension by lowering blood pressure, and has also been linked to increased bone density in women. Healthy bones are an important part of oral health since your jawbone is responsible for supporting your tooth roots and gums. A healthy jawbone means healthy teeth, and vice versa.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C can help weakened or bleeding gums. This vitamin helps the body form collagen, which helps hold gums together. Having enough vitamin C ensures gums stay healthy, firm, and connected to teeth.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A also helps the body produce collagen, but more importantly, it fortifies the immune system, helping protect gums from infection by various oral bacteria.

Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

While eating more pumpkin is a great start to staying healthy this season, don’t forget to maintain a daily oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing and flossing, and to schedule a 6-month checkup with your Houston dentist. You can schedule an appointment at our Houston dental office by calling (251)578-6200. We gladly serve patients from Houston, Katy, and surrounding communities.