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Invisalign clear aligners provide a revolutionary new way to get the radiant smile you’ve always wanted. This type of orthodontics can correct crooked, uneven, protruding, and overlapping teeth and most bite problems. In addition, Invisalign West Houston can help you avoid the pain and cost associated with invasive dental work. And because they’re clear braces, you’ll look fabulous for the duration of your treatment.

What Can I Expect from Invisalign Therapy?

Invisalign consists of a series of custom-fitted, clear, plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and gradually move them into a correct position. You wear Invisalign for approximately 22 hours every day, except when you eat, drink, floss, and brush. If you follow the treatment plan developed by Dr. Gennero, you will likely only wear Invisalign for about 12 months. This is typically much shorter than the average time you’d have traditional braces on for. You could get back to life with straighter, more beautiful teeth in less than a year!

Other benefits of Invisalign West Houston include:

  • None of the dietary restrictions associated with traditional braces.
  • Better oral hygiene, since you can remove Invisalign to brush and floss your teeth.
  • Fewer return visits to the dentist’s office.
  • No metal brackets to irritate the soft tissues.

While Invisalign provides a great alternative to traditional braces, they will not work for everyone. To see if you make a good candidate for Invisalign, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gennero. Its a quick and easy, painfree consultation that should not take long at all.

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