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Restorative Dentistry


Dr. Deborah Gennero believes a truly healthy mouth should feel good, look beautiful, and function properly. If any one of these elements is missing, you need the help of a caring dental professional to return your mouth to optimal health. This philosophy of oral balance informs every dental restoration Dr. Gennero places.

Dr. Gennero can help you keep your teeth healthy and bright for a lifetime with no metal crowns (link to crowns), tooth colored fillings(link to fillings), dental veneers(link to veneers), teeth cleanings(link to teeth cleaning),teeth whitening(link to teeth whitening),implant crowns(link to implants), implant dentures(link to implants), dentures(link to dentures and partials), and partial dentures(link to dentures and partials).

Your mouth is a place of many contrasts: a delicate ecosystem yet one of the harshest environments in your body. Every aspect, from the spacing of the teeth to the hundreds of species of bacteria flourishing on every surface, plays a role in whether you enjoy good or bad dental health. Choosing not to replace a missing tooth, fill a cavity, or straighten unevenly spaced teeth will result in an increasingly unhealthy oral environment.

Restoring the balance to your mouth may entail conservative treatments, such as filling a cavity, or a more involved procedure, such as orthodontictherapy. Rest assured that Dr. Gennero will always recommend as conservative a treatment plan as possible and that her recommendations are based on your individual needs. Before beginning any treatment, Dr. Gennero will walk you through the various steps, so you feel educated and empowered.

Dr. Deborah Gennero offers the following restorative services:

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