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For better or worse, we tend to associate dentures with the elderly. In reality, people across the age spectrum face a life with only some or none of their natural teeth left. Many of them have chosen to enhance their appearance and wellbeing with dentures. Full dentures replace the entire top, bottom, or top and bottom dental arches. Partial dentures, on the other hand, replace a just a few missing teeth and fit in the arch almost like a puzzle piece.

How Can Dentures or Partials Improve My Health?

A toothless mouth reduces your ability to speak normally, limits the variety of foods you can eat, and causes your cheeks to sink in, making you look older and in poor health. With quality dentures you:

  • No longer slur and lisp your way through conversations and you feel less self-conscious speaking to others.
  • Can eat a varied diet without limiting yourself to soft foods.
  • Enjoy a younger, healthier appearance as your dentures support your cheeks, giving you an instant face lift.

Dr. Deborah Gennero loves helping her patients enjoy the best quality of life possible. She takes accurate measurements and impressions so the lab can create dentures or partials customized for your mouth. Once your dental prosthetic arrives back from the lab, Dr. Gennero takes the time to readjust them as needed to ensure an absolutely perfect fit.

Newer advances in dentistry also allow us to utilize teeth implants to replace missing teeth with crown implants.  We also can create snap on dentures using dentures and implants, and snap on partial dentures, using partialdentures and implants.  Immediate implants can also create teeth in a day.

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