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Advanced gum disease, extractions necessitated by untreated tooth decay, and accidental injury make up the three primary causes for tooth loss in American adults. Regardless of the cause, replacing that tooth is vitally important to maintaining your oral health over your lifetime.

Why Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?

A gap in your dental arch encourages the remaining teeth to drift toward the empty space. As your teeth shift, it throws off the spacing and alignment, negatively impacting the appearance of your smile. Even worse, misaligned teeth pose two serious oral health risks. First, they provide ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and promote plaque buildup, increasing your risk of both tooth decay and gum disease( link to her section on teeth cleaning ). Second, improperly spaced and positioned teeth create bite problems and can lead to a range of TMJ disorders. Adult Orthodontics, All Porcelain Bridges, and Dental Implants may all be an option.

How Can a Dental Bridge Help Improve My Oral Health?

A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth, called a pontic, held in place by two crowns affixed to the teeth neighboring the gap. Dr. Deborah Gennero believes your custom-fitted bridge offers a relatively conservative way to replace missing teeth, restore the proper spacing to your dental arch, return the mouth to its ideal function, and improve the quality of your smile.

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