Teeth GrindingYou may not know the term “bruxism,” but you have most likely heard of teeth grinding. In fact, you’ve probably felt teeth grinding. Not everyone has a chronic issue with gnashing their teeth together, but stress, anger, and fear can all cause temporary teeth grinding. Sometimes subconscious bruxism occurs in your sleeping hours with no known cause. This can lead to serious consequences for your teeth over time if the condition is left untreated. Bruxism is an equal opportunity affliction with no clear explanation. Luckily, though, Katy dentist, Dr. Deborah Gennero can help patients dealing with teeth grinding through education and treatment.

More on the Bruxism Basics

The severe tension in your jaw and mouth which often results from bruxism is often a gateway to more troubling dental health problems. Side effects or symptoms of a condition like chronic teeth grinding include headaches, jaw soreness, loose/ground down teeth, earaches, and cracked/fractured teeth. Long term grinders sometimes end up with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) because of all of the jaw stress bruxism causes.

Relief from Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is sometimes harmless and occasional, but chronic bruxism night after night damages your tooth enamel so severely that you end up with a much higher risk for tooth decay. Iif you’re grinding unconsciously, how can you solve a problem which possibly occurs when you’re not even awake? Pay attention to your body. If you wake up in the morning with unidentified tension or soreness in your back teeth or jaw, you should call for an appointment with Dr. Gennero. Even if you don’t have symptoms, keep up with your biannual checkups. When your mouth is examined, excessive wear of teeth can lead to a bruxism diagnosis. Customized mouthguards are a simple treatment option which will protect your smile from damaging clenching and grinding while you should be resting.

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