shutterstock_112352864-300x200Tooth decay is one of the leading dental ailments amongst children. Primary teeth, or baby teeth, can’t fight disease as effectively as adult teeth can. In other words, kids have less resilient teeth, and therefore, have a greater likelihood of developing tooth decay and cavities. However, with the proper oral care, you kids can fight off the onset of tooth decay at a young age.

In this fun and informative article, Dr. Deborah Gennero, your Houston, TX children’s dentist, shares some facts about childhood tooth decay.

Quick Facts about Tooth Decay

  • It’s the leading childhood illness. Childhood tooth decay is more common than hay fever and asthma, by seven and five times, respectively.
  • Untreated decay leads to greater issues. Just like amongst adults, leaving tooth decay untreated causes more problems. For example, untreated tooth decay amongst children can lead to difficulties speaking, eating, and even learning. Additionally, kids also become more susceptible to heart disease and pneumonia if their tooth decay isn’t eliminated.
  • Decay doesn’t end with baby teeth. Many parents believe that baby teeth don’t matter because those fall out anyway. Yet, if the baby teeth become damaged, the adult teeth have a greater likelihood of becoming plagued with disease. In fact, if baby teeth fall out due to an excess of decay before it’s time, adult teeth become more susceptible to decay in the future.

Preventing Tooth Decay Amongst Kids

The best way to help stave off childhood tooth decay is by taking your kids to your Houston, TX children’s dentist at any early age. By establishing sound oral care habits, your kids can learn to appreciate the value of healthy smiles.

Additionally, make sure to follow-up on those healthy habits at home. Take care to set up a regular teeth cleaning routine at least twice a day. If your kids need a little extra motivation, brush your teeth with them. Watching you brush shows them that you’re willing to maintain the same habits.

For Childhood Tooth Decay Prevention, Visit Your Houston, TX Dentist

If you would like more prevention tips to ward off childhood tooth decay, contact Dr. Gennero. She can explain the main causes of tooth decay amongst children to protect your children from enduring it. To schedule an appointment with your Houston, TX children’s dentist, call us at (281) 578-6200. Also, visit our website for services, patient forms, and to learn more about the team. We gladly welcome patients from Clear Lake, The Woodlands, Katy, Sugarland, and surrounding cities.