Many patients do not understand why dentists are so adamant that a missing tooth, a decayed tooth or a loose tooth, yes, even just one, needs to be repaired or replaced to its initial shape and function. It’s reasonable that patients wonder why it is so important to replace just one tooth.

The reason is that that one tooth missing will allow for a domino effect. When a tooth is lost, the teeth immediately surrounding that tooth will tip, turn, twist and slide out of place, drifting into the hole left by the lost tooth.

The tooth, or in some cases, teeth, below or above the missing tooth will erupt up or down into the opposing open space.

The teeth that shift will be out of position. They will be more difficult to property clean and maintain. And, the affected, out-of-position teeth will be misaligned in the bite. Unwelcome stresses and strains will be created on the shifted teeth.

The shift in the adjacent and opposing teeth will eventually lead to further tooth loss. Dentists see this again and again in case after case where patients do not replace that single missing tooth.

If you would like to keep your teeth for the rest of your life and you have lost or about to lose a permanent adult tooth, then please call and schedule a consultation with our team to find out how we can help you replace that missing tooth or missing teeth. Call us today!