Benefits of ChewingImagine a life without chewing. You may chew on auto-pilot, but your quality of life depends on comfortable chewing. Otherwise, how would you eat? And how frustrating would your life be with your stomach constantly rumbling? You see what we’re getting at here. Chewing should not be taken for granted. Unfortunately, you can injure your jaw in a multitude of ways, making chewing a very unpleasant experience. Accidents can happen, but Houston, TX dentist, Dr. Deborah Gennero        has an important piece of advice for a way to protect your jaw which is completely in your control: never bite off more than you can chew.

Go Easy

Try to never take a bite bigger than the size of your mouth. Otherwise, you may inadvertently damage your temporomandibular joints. Larger portions have become the norm in American culture. A five pound/12 patty burger may seem like a great way to fill your belly and nab a funny picture to post on Twitter, but keep your oral health in mind. Any food that is too large to easily fit in your mouth puts your jaw at risk. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a condition of chronic jaw joint inflammation. To avoid injuring your jaw make sure all of the food you eat is cut into bite sized pieces. Chew carefully, mindfully, and slowly.

Weight Control Benefits of Chewing

If you don’t take the time to chew each bite of food you eat 100 times, you’re like most people. Eating too quickly goes hand-in-hand with our intense and rushed culture. Eating on the run is an unfortunate trend, as chewing your food carefully can actually help lose or maintain a healthy weight. In one study, researchers found links between chewing and the levels of certain hormones in our bodies. Ghrelin is a hormone which gives hunger signals to the body. When you chew your food a minimum of 40 times per bite, lower levels of ghrelin are released. Meanwhile, the appetite regulating hormone, CCK, is released at greater levels when you chew. These two hormones work in harmony to provide a feeling of satiety which will motivate you to eat less and control your weight.

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